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Strategic Planning Services

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Time and again I see firms plodding forward without clear purpose or direction. Instead of taking the time to develop a simple strategic plan, they are constantly in a reactive mode. They chase any project, in any market, for any fee, for any client.
There is no written plan of where they want to be in 3 to 5 years and management's vision has not been communicated to the troops. Does this sound familiar?
Successful firms retain a facilitator exclusive to the A/E industry and take the time (2-3 days every year) to develop a simple plan of where they want to go and how to get there. The result of the session is a simple action plan that articulates the companies goals, assigns responsibility, assigns deadlines for action and has a mechanism for follow up.
Strategic Planning Agenda
The facilitator conducts confidential interviews with a cross section of the firm's personnel. This interview process is a key element.
Where are we now?
  • Identifying and ranking our strengths
  • Identifying and ranking our weaknesses
  • Identifying and ranking our opportunities for the future
  • Identifying and ranking the threats to our success

    Setting the vision for where we want to be in 3 years

  • Identifying markets we want to serve
  • What services will we offer?
  • Determining our client mix
  • Determining our Sales
  • The ideal number of employees
  • How many locations and where?


    Establishing measurable and focused goals to support our vision

    Project Delivery

    Organizing our office to support our vision

    Which organization is best for us? Studio, Matrix or Departmental


  • What information is needed to support your visionary firm?
  • What systems need to be implemented?

    Human Resources

  • Attracting and retaining key personnel
  • What ingredients are missing to reach your goals?

    What upgrades in technology are needed to support your visionary firm?

    Ownership Transition

  • Developing the next leaders
  • What are your options for internal transition and external sale?


  • Scheduled for issuance of draft Strategic Planning report
  • Schedule for feedback and issuance of final report
  • How do we follow-up and monitor our progress For more information, please Contact Us

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