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Marketing Seminar

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  • Understanding the Selling Process
  • Strategic Selling - Anatomy of a Winning Strategy
  • Analysis of the Life Cycle of a Sale
  • Proposals/Presentations - Where they fit in the sales life cycle
  • How your position in the sales process life cycle impacts your ability to produce a "Winning Proposal/Presentation"
  • How your position in the sales process life cycle should impact your Go/NoGo decisions
  • What are the three questions that must be answered before you make a GO decision
  • Client Focused Positioning - proactive vs. reactive selling
  • The difference between a "Brand Sale" and a "Concept Sale" - Why is one infinitely superior to the other
  • Upside Down Selling

    Winning Proposals/Presentations

  • Creating "Winning Proposals/Presentations" - Seven essential steps to success
  • What are the four critical elements of "Winning Proposals/Presentations"
  • Why are some proposals/presentations winners and others losers - review of common proposal/presentation problems

    How People Process Information and How to Use This Knowledge to Produce "Winning Proposals/Presentations"

  • Understanding how people process information
  • Understanding the real limitations of your audience in assimilating information
  • Information acquisition, storage and retrieval
  • What is "Data Overload" and how to avoid it
  • Limitations of "audio - only" and "visual - only" information
  • Power of effectively linked audio/visual aids in conveying information
  • Graphics - Use them to simplify and communicate complex ideas
  • Straight forward techniques to produce effective proposal graphics and presentation visuals
  • Learn why the presentation medium (35 mm slides, video, computer simulations, etc.) is the least important aspect of a "Winning Presentation"

    How to Build a "Winning Proposal/Presentation"

  • How to influence your audience to accept your message
  • Understanding what motivates individuals to agree with your conclusions
  • Client research/homework - The mothers milk of "Winning Proposals/Presentations" - You need facts, facts, facts!
  • How to use client knowledge effectively
  • "Benefits versus Features" - Why one is 100 times more important than the other
  • How to utilize your client's own individual personality, self interest and "hidden" motivations to your own benefit
  • The keys to quickly establishing your credibility with a client
  • The 5 building blocks of a "Winning Proposal/Presentation"

    QuaDs - A No Nonsense Approach to Story boarding - How to Use This Technique to Organize and Build "Winning Proposals/Presentations"

  • The four elements of an effective story board
  • How to use "QuaDs storyboarding" to stimulate creativity and manage any complex communication
  • Hands on demonstration of this easy to use, flexible storyboarding methodology
  • Upside Down Production Methodology - Why proposals/presentations should be built backwards
  • How to effectively segment your proposal/presentation
  • How to effectively sequence graphics/visuals
  • How to tailor a "Winning Proposal/Presentation" to the space/time available without losing it's effectiveness - 10 pages to 1000 pages -10 minutes to 10 hours
  • Rules of thumb for preparing proposal graphics and presentation visuals
  • How to select best techniques to deliver your presentation visuals - video, computer graphics, flip charts, models, overheads, 35 mm, etc..

    Preparing for and Conducting a "Winning Presentation"

  • When is the best time to start the "dry run" process
  • Understanding the crucial difference between a "dry run" and a "dress rehearsal"
  • How to eliminate classical "dry run" problems
  • How to effectively utilize the Blue, Red and Gold Team Approach
  • Managing "dry runs" - understand the difference between critique and criticism
  • How to use "dry runs" to hone message, build team confidence and dramatically reduce presentation cost
  • Analyze the effectiveness of your graphics - How to quickly tell if they "deliver the mail"
  • How to make mediocre presenters into effective presenters and good presenters into "super stars"
  • How to build audience interaction into your "Winning Presentation" without losing control

    Proposal/Presentation Production in a Multi-Regional Environment

  • Common problems and impediments to efficient creation of "Winning Proposals/Presentations" in a multi-regional environment
  • How to minimize conflict and procrastination, improve cooperation and decisiveness, increase "hit rate" and reduce cost
  • How to use inter-regional decision teams and firm-wide goals to foster inter-regional cooperation, effective sales team formation, and insure that the best firm wide resources are directed at the best firm wide opportunities
  • How to create an effective large account management program in a decentralized multi-regional firm
  • How a common proposal/presentation production architecture and vocabulary can improve inter-regional cooperation and improve the effectiveness and efficiency of the proposal/production process

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