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Incentive Compensation Services

AEC Management Solutions will work with your firm to develop an incentive compensation plan that works for your company. Based upon our decades of personal experience we are convinced that an incentive plan that rewards results and not effort is a must for any firm that wishes to achieve extraordinary financial results.

That is the key - rewarding the financial results not the effort!

For example an employee working 60 hours a week for 6 months in of itself does not entitle an employee to a cash bonus. However being part of a project team or profit center that produces a 25% profit is entitled to a substantial bonus.

start quoteIf you want to attract top-performers, I can think of no better way than the establishment of an Incentive Compensation program.end quote
-- Herb Cannon

We have adopted a philosophy that economic performance deserves economic rewards! Non-economic performance or achievement gets recognized in other ways.

Success Stories

One 40 person-engineering firm we are working with has produced tremendous results using incentive compensation. This company has a policy of paying a top salary of $65,000 a year, including the owner. All compensation above $65,000 a year is based on project incentives. The average project manager at this firm earns over $300,000 a year. The owner earns well over 7 figures!

A 150 person Architecture firm was struggling along making averaging about a $200,000 annual profit over 3 years. After working with them to implement an incentive compensation plan they soared to a $4,800,000 profit over the next 12 months. This profit represents over 25% of net revenues and exceeds the profit they had made over the previous 10 years! They continue to produce this profit on a consistent basis without any decline of design quality or client satisfaction.

Incentive Compensation is not for Everyone!

That's right! Incentive compensation rewards results and makes people accountable for their actions. Employees that fly under the radar of accountability, blame others for their non-performance and believe that good design & profit are incompatible will not want to work for a company that has an effective incentive compensation program. They prefer a more socialistic form of compensation where everyone shares in the profit regardless of performance.

If you want to attract top-performers, I can think of no better way than the establishment of an incentive compensation program. Effective programs will attact self motivated, talented and ambitious professionals who are anxious to be rewarded on the results they achieve. They don't make excuses - they create satisfied, repeat clients while making money for themselves and their company.

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