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Axium Ajera for 20%+ Profit

Achieving Financial Success with Axium Ajera

Congratulations on taking the first step towards financial success.  Axium Ajera is a great product that will produce the valuable information you need to achieve a 20%+ profit on net revenues.  However producing that information is just the first step to financial success.  Just like any financial and project management software, it will only produce information.  It is up to you to take this information and use it to your advantage. 

Unfortunately many firms have the unrealistic expectation that a software program will magically improve the company's profits and cash flow.  They purchase the software and implement it with great enthusiasm only to be disappointed when the magic doesn't happen.   The fact of the matter is - there is no magic. 

The Axium Ajera software produces timely, accurate and user friendly information that is absolutely necessary to have -- but it is only the first step.  It is up to you to stop admiring the information and start to taking action.

At AEC Management Solutions, Inc., our approach to 20%+ Profit training is highly interactive and based upon our real world experience. We emphasize simple, straightforward techniques and tools that work.  Our program is built on simple solutions to complex problems not academic theory.

Managing Your Business with Ajera for a 20%+ Profit on Net Revenues

In the morning session you will learn to use Ajera reporting to manage your company's finances.  Using your company's Ajera reports, you will learn to master the financial fundamentals of running a successful A/E firm, dramatically improve your cash flow and the secrets of implementing an effective incentive compensation program.


Managing Your Projects with Ajera for a 20%+ Profit on Net Revenues

In the afternoon session you will learn how to develop effective budgeting and staffing plans, improve client communications and conduct project business reviews that will reduce unpaid scope creep and increase the paid scope of work.


Project Case Studies with Ajera for 20%+ Profit on Net Revenues

Using your Ajera project information, we will conduct a series of project business reviews. These case study project reviews will show you exactly how the reviews should be handled.  Invariably these case studies uncover unpaid scope creep many times the cost of the seminar.


Our goal is to help you dramatically increase fees, reduce unpaid scope creep and earn at least a 20%+ profit on net revenues.


A Customized Approach to Training

Our approach is long on attendee/instructor interaction utilizing examples of your own projects to insure that each attendee leaves the workshop with tools they can effectively use to manage their projects.




The Benefits of In-House Training


We Your Company's project reports and data

There is simply no better way to learn about project management than by using your firm's project data. 

In a public seminar you are reduced to using generic project reports that has no relevance to how your company operates.


Twice the learning in half the time

A public seminar you are thrown in with firms ranging from sole proprietors to 2,000 person mega-firms.    In this format much time is wasted listening to strategies that have no relevance to you or your company. 


Everyone in your firm learns the same project management strategies

Every one of the attendees will learn the same project management strategies from the same instructor.  There will be no reliance on a few attendees teaching the rest of your staff.


Save on Tuition

In-house seminars are much more cost effective than sending attendees out of house.  For the price of sending 3 employees to a seminar, your entire project management staff can attend the training.


Save on Travel Expenses

When the seminar comes to you, there are no airfare, hotels, meals, taxis or other expenses to pay for.


Less Loss of Billable Hours

When the seminar comes to you, there is more time available to spend on billable work.


More time devoted to solving your company's challenges

Without the distraction of resort locations and solving another company's project management issues, all of the time is devoted to your company and solving your most challenging problems.


Contact AEC Management to Schedule Your Training

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