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Practical Project Management - Information & Registration

A 6 Hour Seminar for Partners, Principals, Project Managers, Architects & Engineers. This program is specifically designed for Architecture and Engineering firms that aspire to improve their project management process and dramtically improve project profits. Highly recommended for Partners, Principals & Project Managers!


Seminar Topics

Overview of Project Management

·         The elements of a successful project

·         What makes a successful project manager?

·         How the most successful firms manage projects

      ·         Understanding proposal and contract basics

·         The PM's role in developing the proposal

·         Proposal assumptions to reduce and eliminate scope creep

Planning the Project

·         Understanding the reasons for effective project budgeting

·         Understanding the common budgeting techniques

·         A simple way to budget your projects

·         Developing a meaningful and effective project schedule

·         Developing a staffing plan

·         Using the AEC Management Staffing & Budgeting Templates

Anticipating Project Challenges

·         Analyzing a new project to anticipate problems

·         Deciding on what steps to take when things do not go as planned

·         What to do when the schedule changes

·         Dealing with a non-responsive client

·         What to do when the client stops paying

·         What to do when the client is not meeting their obligations

·         Using the AEC Management Project Challenges Checklist

Proactive Communication

·         Proactively communicating with your client

·         Proactively communicating within your company

·         Using the AEC Management Communication Templates

Project Finances

·         Key financial indicators to monitor on your project

·         The project manager's role in invoicing

·         The project manager's role in collections

Project Business Reviews

·         Monitoring the project schedule, staffing and finances

·         Knowing what information is important

·         Focusing on the big picture and avoiding the minutia

·         Taking action on what you discover

·         Using the AEC Management Business Review Checklist

Project Manager as a Marketer

·         Securing the next project

Marketing all of your firm's services

·         Identifying your clients' needs

Productivity and Leveraging Your Efforts

·         Personal time management skills

·         Developing better delegation skills

·         Making meetings more effective

Seminar Leader
Herbert M. Cannon, President AEC Management Solutions, Inc.
- One of the nation's leading experts in the management of A/E firms

Registration Fee: $595
Save $100 when you register 30 days in advance

Dates and Locations:
Denver June 1st - Houston July 26th

Register Here

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