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Top 10 Lists

Each month, AEC Management Solutions provides a Top 10 List about different aspects of the A/E industry, from tips for seminar attendees to what you can do to increase your profits TODAY!

Top Ten Money Wasters - Part One
Herb Cannon
1. Outside Print Management In my opinion one of the biggest money wasters is outside print management where they supply the equipment, paper, toner and perhaps an in-house person to operate the large format printing. Each month they issue an invoice for each project which you then in turn use to invoice your clients. Believe me when I tell you that the mark-up on printing is huge with margins of over 50%. In a future article I will detail how to start your own in-house printing company and keep the profits for yourself. . . . keep reading
Top Ten Reasons Your Firm is Underachieving - Part 2
Herbert M. Cannon
5. A Lack of Planning The strategic plan for many firms can be described as follows: a. Bring in as much work as we can b. Do our best to create a great design and satisfy the client c. Hope that we make some money . . . keep reading
Top Ten Reasons Your Firm is Underachieving -- Part 1
Top Ten Reasons Your Firm is Underachieving -- Part 1 10. Lack of Accountability Lack of accountability can and does occur at levels of an underachieving company. Whether it is partner to partner, partner to project manager or project manager to staff -- seldom are people held accountable for missing deadlines, sloppy work or over budget projects. . . . keep reading
Five Ways to Improve Cash Flow
Herbert M Cannon
1.Always Ask for a Retainer  If you don't ask for a retainer you are leaving cash flow on the table. Even if most of your clients won't agree to a retainer, it is still possible to . . . keep reading
Top Ten Ways to Improve Cash Flow - Part 1
Herbert M. Cannon
Top Ten Ways to Improve Cash Flow - Part 1 In good economic times, collecting your money on a timely basis can be an extraordinary challenge. In tough economic times, it can seem near impossible. Here are some tips to get you going in the right direction. . . . keep reading
Top Twelve Steps to Take after the Layoff - Part 2
Herbert M. Cannon
Top Twelve Steps to Take after the Layoff - Part 2 Staff reductions have become commonplace once again in our industry. The steps you take after those staff reductions are critical to the future success of your firm. . . . keep reading
Top Twelve Steps to Take after the Layoff -- Part 1
Herb Cannon
Staff reductions have become commonplace once again in our industry.  / . . . keep reading
Ten Ways Architects and Engineers Can Deal With a Slowing Economy
Herbert M. Cannon
Ten Ways Architects and Engineers Can Deal With a Slowing Economy 1. Do not over reactOne of the worst things management can do in a slowing economy is to over react. . . . keep reading

The Seven Deadly Sins of Financial Reporting
Herbert Cannon
7. Underestimating the Bad Debt Expense Yes it is certainly tempting to be overly optimistic and hope beyond hope that somehow we will ultimately collect that open invoice from December 2001. But let's face it; it is never going to happen. We aren't fooling anyone (other than ourselves) by keeping it on the books. Make it a policy to take . . . keep reading
Seven Things You Can Do to Avoid Being Under Paid for Your Creative Efforts
Herb Cannon
1. Don't create the perception (or reality) that you are desperate for the project at any price, under any terms or conditions. Clients can smell desperation from 3 time zones away and many wil . . . keep reading
The Top Eleven Ways to Lose an Employee
Herbert M. Cannon
11. Have an Empty Supply Cabinet Having an empty supply cabinet sends all the wrong signals. In addition to wasting time looking for the supplies they need to complete their work, they are left to wonder if incompetence, frugality or financial difficulties are to blame . . . keep reading
Top Ten Website Mistakes
10. Not Establishing your Company as the Expert Your website must establish you company as an expert in meeting the clients needs. If you don't establish your expertise, what is the point of your website? . . . keep reading
Top Ten Reasons to Switch CPA Firms
Herbert Cannon
1. Their Biggest Claim to Fame is "You were never audited" The fact is their preparation of your return has little effect on whether you are audited. Yes, they must prepa . . . keep reading
Top Ten Ways to Connect and Communicate With Employees
Herbert Cannon
Top Ten Ways to Communicate and Connect with Employees In the course of my consulting practice, I am called upon to conduct human resource audits. The audits consist of confidential employee and owner surveys, one on one interviews, a written report and an oral presentation to the owners. . . . keep reading
Top 10 Ways to Motivate Employees
Herb Cannon
Top 10 Ways to Motivate Employees 10. Get Rid of the Naysayer You know who they are. They complain about everything - and loudly. They complain to anyone who is or isn't willing to listen. The complaints include the most trivial of items - like why do we only have Starbucks coffee |Image1| . . . keep reading
Top 10 Ways to Conduct More Productive Meetings
Herb Cannon
Top 10 Ways to Conduct More Productive Meetings Cannon's Law of Meetings states: The productivity of meetings is inversely proportional to the number of attendees. Not only are more attendees less productive, they are also not participating in revenue producing billable activities. . . . keep reading
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"Herb brings to the strategic planning process a practiced ability to balance his role as listener and facilitator with that of a leader and implementer"
Graham Wyatt Robert A. M. Stern Architects

"Excellent facilitator; enabled the firm to focus our attention and set a course of action"
David Taube Holt Architects

"Very clear action plan & now we are challenged to fulfill the vision!"
Kevin D. Shelley Schmidt Associates

"I have attended other A/E seminars facilitated by Herb & the outcome is the same - very satisfied!"
Pat Romerman Group 2 Architects Engineers Interior Design

"Herb was very knowledgeable. I would be willing to take 4 days for the course!"
-Laura Tafoya Pahl, Pahl, Pahl Architects

"My time was well spent. Lots of great ideas to put into action!"
Steve Schwicht DOWL

"Herb Cannon took all the mystery out of professional firm financial management."
Michael Divney Divney Tung Schwalbe, LLP

Herb's first hand knowledge/experience and clear presentation, style have made this a valuable experience."
Joe Tomaino Tomaino, Tomaino, Iamello Architects

"This will pay for itself 10x in fiscal 2012 and be an annuity."
Daniel E. Mossien, AIA Mossien Associates

"I wanted real usable 'to do' suggestions-not a bunch of theory-having someone who's been in the business was excellent."
Debra Lupton Tilden Lobitz Cooper

"Overall excellent seminar!"
Pam Young Civ-Tek

"Fantastic seminar! Extremely informative with great information. Very helpful book/binder."
Andrew Bowden Landscape Architecture

Ronald Dunn Dunn Associates, Inc

"I will take back some excellent ideas and areas to pursue."
Don Ferguson Giffels Associates Limited

"The course was excellent in practical solutions suggested, participation of attendees, and experience of Herb."
Brian Aikens Geotechnical Engineering

"Simply presented, easily understood, great information-Looking forward to some positive results."
Andrew Nizielski Moffat Kinoshita Architects

"Excellent content and delivery exceeded expectations."
Don Moffat Moffat Kinoshita

"Fast-moving, fun, all relevant information, great interactions with others!" 
Carl Shapiro TGG Engineers