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Upcoming Events

Speaking events featuring Herbert M. Cannon, President of AEC Management Solutions, Inc.

Pathway to Profit Seminar Information & Registration
Discover the Secrets of Earning a 25%+ Profit Los Angeles July 13th . . . keep reading
Ownership Transition and Valuation - Information & Registration
San Francisco June 22nd - Portland June 23 - Los Angeles July 14th - New York July 21st - Houston July 27th . . . keep reading
Practical Project Management - Information & Registration
Denver June 1st - Houston July 26th . . . keep reading
Practical Project Management - Registration Information
Denver June 1st . . . keep reading
Pathway to Profit - Registration Information
Los Angeles April 13th - New York July 20th . . . keep reading
Ownership Transition Registration - Listed by Date
Ownership Transition Registration . . . keep reading
AIA/SDA Ohio Convention October 2, 2008
On October 2nd, 2008 Herb Cannon will be presenting a 1/2 day version of his popular Pathway to Profit Seminar to the Society for Design Administration -Cleveland. This seminar is designed to take the mystery out of financial reporting and to provide simple tools for monitoring your financial progress. The focus is on doing the simple things that can add up to big prof . . . keep reading

Project Management for 20%+ Profit October 22, 2008 Axium Pre-Conference Workshop
Herb Cannon will be presenting a 1-day version of his popular seminar Project Management for 20%+ Profit. For the most part, the 20%+ profit projects do not have smarter project managers, better employees, better clients or harder workers than your company. What they do have is a project management system that delivers accurate financial information and a project management process that encourages (insists) all employees to act upon this information. The happy result of this comprehensive system . . . keep reading
Seven Habits of Highly Ineffective A/E Firms October 24, 2008 Axium Software User Conference
This talk will cover seven of the most common mistakes that prevent architecture and engineering firms from being as successful as possible. Year after year far too many firms continue down the road of working harder and harder thinking that this will be the year they finally reap the benefits of their hard work. At the end of the year, all they have accomplished is repeating the vicious cycle of management by wishful thinking. Long hours and substantial financial risk are rewarded with tiny bon . . . keep reading
Dramatically Improving Collections and Cash Flow October 24, 2008 Axium Software User Conference
Do you aspire to be average? When it comes to being paid for your hard work, being average just isn't good enough! Did you know that the average A/E firm has 66 days of sales in accounts receivable? The sad truth is that many firms are doing far worse. It is not unusual for firms to average well over 100 days. Unfortunately, our instincts are to blame the client. After all, it has always been this way. Clients are always slow to pay. If we demand timely payment, won't they just go somewhere else . . . keep reading
Axium Software Partner's Conference
Herb Cannon will be speaking at the Axium Software Partner's conference on July 17-18, 2008 in Portland, Oregon.  Please visit for more information . . . keep reading
Axium Ajera for 20%+ Profit
Achieving Financial Success with Axium Ajera Unfortunately many firms have the unrealistic expectation that a software program will magically improve the company's profits and cash flow. They purchase the software and implement it with great enthusiasm only to be disappointed when the magic doesn't happen. The fact of the matter is - there is no magic. It is only the first step. It is up to you to stop admiring the information and start to taking action. . . . keep reading
Valuations and Ownership Transition Seminar November 17th, 2006
Valuations and Ownership Transition Seminar November 17th, 2006 Valuations and Ownership Transition Seminar Herbert Cannon will be conducting a 1/2 day seminar on November 17, 2006 in Teaneck, NJ. This seminar will focus on the process of arrving at a fair value for your firm and the process of selling to the outside, or . . . keep reading

"Herb brings to the strategic planning process a practiced ability to balance his role as listener and facilitator with that of a leader and implementer"
Graham Wyatt Robert A. M. Stern Architects

"Excellent facilitator; enabled the firm to focus our attention and set a course of action"
David Taube Holt Architects

"Very clear action plan & now we are challenged to fulfill the vision!"
Kevin D. Shelley Schmidt Associates

"I have attended other A/E seminars facilitated by Herb & the outcome is the same - very satisfied!"
Pat Romerman Group 2 Architects Engineers Interior Design

"Herb was very knowledgeable. I would be willing to take 4 days for the course!"
-Laura Tafoya Pahl, Pahl, Pahl Architects

"My time was well spent. Lots of great ideas to put into action!"
Steve Schwicht DOWL

"Herb Cannon took all the mystery out of professional firm financial management."
Michael Divney Divney Tung Schwalbe, LLP

Herb's first hand knowledge/experience and clear presentation, style have made this a valuable experience."
Joe Tomaino Tomaino, Tomaino, Iamello Architects

"This will pay for itself 10x in fiscal 2012 and be an annuity."
Daniel E. Mossien, AIA Mossien Associates

"I wanted real usable 'to do' suggestions-not a bunch of theory-having someone who's been in the business was excellent."
Debra Lupton Tilden Lobitz Cooper

"Overall excellent seminar!"
Pam Young Civ-Tek

"Fantastic seminar! Extremely informative with great information. Very helpful book/binder."
Andrew Bowden Landscape Architecture

Ronald Dunn Dunn Associates, Inc

"I will take back some excellent ideas and areas to pursue."
Don Ferguson Giffels Associates Limited

"The course was excellent in practical solutions suggested, participation of attendees, and experience of Herb."
Brian Aikens Geotechnical Engineering

"Simply presented, easily understood, great information-Looking forward to some positive results."
Andrew Nizielski Moffat Kinoshita Architects

"Excellent content and delivery exceeded expectations."
Don Moffat Moffat Kinoshita

"Fast-moving, fun, all relevant information, great interactions with others!" 
Carl Shapiro TGG Engineers